What's in a name? The latest bot worm has me wondering.

full article about Botoz By staff comes Zotob – a moniker straight from a late ‘50s Ed Wood film. That seems pretty appropriate, given the zombie nature of this beastie. If Zotob could speak, I can just hear its monotone: "I am Zotob. I come from Planet Dnomder. All your plug-and-play are belong to us."

But the sad truth is that all of these viruses are pretty unoriginal. They come, they take over, they infect, they reproduce, they send e-mail, they clog bandwidth. We assume we've been here before, and we know what to do about it. Apply the security patch and get on with life. Or at least is seems like it should be that easy. Of course, there's the little gotcha about laptops, which bounce around between home and corporate networks and are an easy target for infection. By the time they get back on the corporate LAN, it's too late to apply the patch - they've become.... one of THEM.