Seed: Time Before Time ...Eternal?
Our universe is expanding and becoming increasingly dilute, and the high-entropy future will be one in which space is essentially empty. But quantum mechanics assures us that empty space is not a quiet, boring place; it's alive and bubbling with quantum fluctuations—ephemeral, virtual particles flitting in and out of existence. ...Thoughts? According to a theory known as the "inflationary universe scenario," all we need is for a tiny patch of space to be filled with a very high density of dark energy—energy that is inherent in the fabric of space itself. ...Choice? That dark energy will fuel a spontaneous, super-accelerated expansion, stretching the infinitesimal patch to universal proportions. ...Creation?

Empty space, in which omnipresent quantum fields are jiggling back and forth, is a natural, high-entropy state for the universe. Eventually (and we're talking about a really, really big eventually) the fluctuations will conspire in just the right way to fill a tiny patch of space with dark energy, ...Ascension? setting off the ultra-fast expansion. To any forms of life arising afterward, such as us, the inflation would look like a giant explosion from which the universe originated, and the quiescent background—the other universes—would be completely unobservable. Such an occurrence would look exactly like the Big Bang and the universe we experience. ...click the title for the article&Sources