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Geoffrey Moore is a Silicon Valley based, high technology consultant, and author.

His books include:

* Inside the Tornado: Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley's Cutting Edge (HarperPerennial)
* Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling High-tech Products to Mainstream Customers (Harperbusiness Essentials)

His books are derived from his consulting work in Silicon Valley, and earlier work by Everett Rogers on adopter categories and diffusion of innovations.

Looking at adoption of high tech innovation, the focus is on adopter categories:

* innovators <1%>

The key insight of Moore is that the groups adopt for different reasons. Early adopters are project managers looking for a radical shift, where the early majority want a 'productivity improvement'. The latter group want a whole product, where the earlier group only needs the core product, and has the technical competence, and financial resources to make the rest themselves.

Moore borrowed many of his theories from Everett Rogers, a communications academic who pioneered diffusion of innovations (technology adoption) theory.

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