wordZ: accessOpen; nameAlias, jimBob, imageCaption, multiDescriptor, specialEffect, specificFunction, namedGroup, inHouse, listItem, itemLabel, netLink, bookMark, wikiName, oftenPlural, subjectQualifying, searchRelated, openSource, topicTitle, easilyUsed, reViewed, keyWord, kudZu.

They're standard wikiNames withOut the first capitol. In the absence of a suitable compound word just capiTalize the proNounced emPhasis. If none, the lasT letter or a letter of choice conSistently.

It'll drive the language and writing professionals nuts if you use this style effusively. The intent is to indicate a word or name that is to be reviewed, elaborated on, or researched further.

I can't claim their adoption of the wordZ technique, but there's a program on one of the home gardening channels being called "reDesign". Obviously meaning reGarding Design. I do claim that I was using the wordZ before the show went into syndication.

I know you think you understand what you thought I said. What you may not realize is that I'm not sure I said what I meant.